Public Outreach

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How do we reach people who may benefit from the resources Al-Anon can offer?

Telephone number in phone book.  360-618-0464

Information in local media publications
    Crab Cracker for Camano and Stanwood
    Cow Tipper for Arlington and Granite Falls

Little Nickle (possible)

Arlington TV station (scrolling public announcement) (possible)

Tear off flyers at local businesses and public places

Public Outreach publication *** post link to "The General Public" or insert information here

Table at the Stanwood Camano Fair

Link to Ditrict 28 Public Outrerach Sheet *** post download link here

If everyone leaves one thing at one place this month and sends in their Public Outreach Sheet we could reach many people!

    Ideas - Doctors offices, Hair Dressers office, Grocery Stores, Libraries